Derived from the Spanish verb empanar, which literally means to wrap or coat in bread, an empanada is a delicious stuffed pastry that can be either baked or fried (although we’ve decided to bake ours in an effort to be more health conscious!). Empanadas can be filled with just about anything from meat, to veggies, and/or cheese. Our goal at Empanada Mama is to come up with the most creative and unique flavor combinations to elevate this South American hand-pie into something new, exciting, and dare we say….slightly Gringo?!? 

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Owner and empanada maker, Kendall Bajek, spent six years of her life surrounded by Latin American culture while living in Miami and Buenos Aires, Argentina. She developed a passion for Latin food, and began learning authentic recipes and cooking methods from anyone that would invite her into their kitchen.

It was in Buenos Aires, that she learned the art of empanada making, but she knew that she could elevate this already delicious hand-pie into something more exciting by experimenting with non-traditional fillings. Her culinary skills, combined with her travel experiences in over 40 different countries, inspired her to create an assortment of unique empanadas and dipping sauces that encompass flavors from a wide variety of cultures. Empanada Mama thus pays homage to the different regions of Argentina and South America, while also offering tribute to other popular flavors from around the globe—it’s authentic with a Gringo twist!